The Centre against Child Trafficking and Human Trafficking

Child trafficking and human trafficking have no place in this world. That is why the Centre against Child Trafficking and Human Trafficking (Centrum tegen Kinderhandel en Mensenhandel, in short: CKM) was established in The Netherlands in 2013. We are part of Fier, a national expertise and treatment center for victims of human trafficking and other forms of violence. While Fier provides care and treatment to victims of human trafficking, our Center conducts research into this phenomenon. By combining practice and research, we can combat this modern form of slavery even more effectively.


'Make human trafficking visible.' Under this motto, the Center against Child Trafficking and Human Trafficking conducts the fight against sexual and criminal exploitation in the Netherlands. The Center against Child Trafficking and Human Trafficking innovates, conducts research and puts issues on the agenda.


Every child, young person, and adult must be able to live in freedom and face a healthy, autonomous future. Human trafficking undermines this freedom. By fighting this problem jointly with other parties and citizens, we can free the Netherlands from exploitation.


The Center Against Child Trafficking and Human Trafficking fights for a world free from sexual and criminal exploitation. We want everyone to know that thousands of children, young people and adults are currently being exploited by their trafficker in our country. Because only together can we stop human trafficking. We want no victim to go unnoticed, we want human traffickers and their clients to be stopped, and society to be resilient enough to stop exploitation once and for all. We innovate, conduct research and put issues on the agenda. Just until it is no longer necessary. 


We are boosters, innovators, activists. With only one goal: to put an end to exploitation in the Netherlands. We participate in various high-profile (international) pilots projects and projects related to the fight against human trafficking and the protection of and assistance to victims. We prefer to do this together with other parties. Because together we can achieve more.

Current (pilot) projects include:

  • Increasing victims' willingness to report (with Netherlands Police, Public Prosecution Service)
  • Setting up and supporting trafficking survivors network (Platform HOPE, in cooperation with Coalition against Child Sexual Exploitation partner ECPAT - Defence for Children)
  • Online outreach to (potential) victims of human trafficking
  • Increasing e-protection of children and young persons in the Netherlands
  • Educating teachers and students on sexual and criminal exploitation (in cooperation with the Netherlands Red Cross)


We do our own research, get to the bottom of things and share our findings with the rest of the world. So that human trafficking is tackled in an increasingly effective way and victims get the help and support they need. We are constantly learning, eager to keep up with the latest developments and to be the bugbear when needed. 

Current research projects include:

  • Study on people who pay to have sex with minors
  • Study on criminal exploitation in the Netherlands
  • Study on criminal exploitation of children and young people, bottlenecks and entry points for intervention in Rotterdam
  • Study on children and young victims of exploitation on chat help line (in cooperation with Fier)
  • Study on the role of social surroundings in sexual exploitation of minors (coordinated by Leiden University)


In order to make our society resilient against human trafficking, we feed the political debate, stimulate the public debate and conduct awareness campaigns. We provide solicited and unsolicited advice to policymakers and support organizations, among others.


Our staff are experts, specialists and go-getters. They will go on until what needs to be done is done. We are reliable; for victims, for citizens, for the work field and for our (financial) partners. We stand for content and quality. For guts and innovation. We continue to improve our knowledge of human trafficking and related topics. Because we want to make a difference. Always and everywhere.


We cooperate with any organization relevant for combating human trafficking - be it victim care and support organizations, law enforcement agencies, tech companies and academia. We work with survivors of trafficking.

Together with Defence for Children – ECPAT and Fier we have formed the Coalition against Child Sexual Exploitation (Coalitie tegen Seksuele Kinderuitbuiting), which fights the sexual exploitation of children and children and adolescents with mild intellectual disabilities in the Netherlands. 


Our work is made possible by the kind support of the Dutch Postcode LotteryAdessium FoundationJanivo Foundation (Janivo Stichting) and other donors.




Would you like to know more about our work? Are you interested in partnering with us or supporting our work? Get in touch! 

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