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CKM puts the problem of human trafficking on the agenda in the Netherlands. We do groundbreaking research and implement innovative projects on sexual and criminal exploitation. We listen to what is needed, we research promising strategies and collaborate with care, law enforcement and other partners to put new insights into practice.

CKM is a part of the Knowledge and Innovation hub of Fier, the specialist centre for victims of violence, offering specialist residential and ambulatory treatment to victims of human trafficking in The Netherlands.

Our recent and current activities include:

Projects on sexual and criminal exploitation

  • Pilot project on victims’ willingness to report and/or cooperate with law enforcement
    • Phase 1 , 2021-2022,  funded by the Dutch Police (more info in Dutch).
    • Phase 2, 2023-2024,  funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Justice and Security (more info in Dutch).
      Based on report “You just don’t report” (2018). In Dutch.
  • Online outreach to potential victims of sexual exploitation and violence, in collaboration with Spine.
  • Turning Point. Online help platform for victims of criminal exploitation, launched in 2024: Keerpunt. Chats for Change (more info in Dutch, incl. feasibility study).
  • Setting up survivor platform HOPE (Dutch website), in collaboration with Defence for Children – ECPAT Netherlands.

Research on sexual exploitation

  • Study on parents as perpetrators of sexual exploitation of children (forthcoming 2025) – more info in Dutch.
  • Annual report on victims of trafficking supported through Chat with Fier help line. Reports on years: 2022 (in Dutch and English), 2021, 2020, 2019 (in Dutch).
  • Studies on demand for sexual exploitation of minors:
    • Persons who pay to have sex with minors. Part 1: analysis of court cases (2023) – report in Dutch.
    • Persons who pay to have sex with minors. Part 2: policy and strategy (forthcoming 2024) – more info in Dutch.
  • Study on cross-border sexual exploitation of young persons from the Netherlands in neighbouring Germany and Belgium. Results forthcoming in 2024. More info in English.
  • Discretion at all times. A study on boy and male victims in prostitution in the Netherlands (2021).  In collaboration with Lumens. Report in Dutch.
  • Paper on e-protection in cases of sexual violence and exploitation (2021). In Dutch.
  • Perpetrators of domestic sex trafficking (2021). Report for the Netherlands Police, in Dutch.
  • A Question of Faith. A study on the relationship between West African religion, migration and human trafficking (2021). Report in English.
  • Beyond the pixels. A study on the webcam sex industry and human trafficking (2020) – Report in Dutch.
  • The world of pro anorexia coaches (2020). Report in Dutch.
    • Simons, E. I., Noteboom, F., & van Furth, E. F. (2024). Pro-anorexia coaches prey on individuals with eating disorders. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 57(1), 124–131.
  • A crisis in the making. The Netherlands are losing grip on trafficking of West African victims (2018). Report in Dutch.

Research on criminal exploitation

  • Beyond the crime. Report on criminal exploitation in Rotterdam (2021). Report in Dutch.
  • Changing perspectives
    • Part I: Report on criminal exploitation in the Netherlands (2022). Report in Dutch.
    • Part II: An exploratory study into criminal exploitation in the Netherlands (2022). Report in English and in Dutch.
  • Opportunities and challenges for primary and secondary education in tackling criminal exploitation (2023). Report in Dutch.

Lobby and advocacy

  • On demand for exploitation of minors
    • ‘Without clients, there would be no sexual exploitation of minors’ (2023). In Dutch.
  • For the improvement of the national strategy against human trafficking
    • ‘We owe it to victims to raise the bar much higher’ (2023). In Dutch.
  • For adequate identification and protection of victims of criminal exploitation
    • ‘Dutch Minister’s vision on non-punishment does not fit reality’ (2022). In English.

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